Minuteman Support Services Remote Computer Support

Who We Are

Minuteman Support Services is using remote support technology to pioneer a burgeoning niche in the computer support industry. This support model is the perfect fit for home users, home and traveling professionals, as well as, small to medium sized businesses.

Though the full potential of this industry will not be realized for years to come, it is MSS' intent to establish the benchmark for remote PC support by which all other market professionals will be gauged. MSS maintains a philosophy of superior customer service, efficient, courteous customer support, scalable service offerings and a pricing model that places our service within the budget of any household or small business.

Minuteman Support Services is comprised of seasoned computer industry professionals augmented by partnerships with some of the leading support and staffing companies in the Northeast.

Our expertise encompasses remote and on-site desktop/server support and administration, Helpdesk design and implementation, Helpdesk staffing and outsourcing, web hosting and many services focusing on the home based user.

It is Minuteman Support Services contention that the home user and remote professional communities have not had adequate access to the remote support resources now available. MSS is committed to defining the support market for just such individuals or entities.

Due to new technologies such as broadband, WiFi, Cellular Internet, satellite technology and the booming numbers of remote employees and telecommuters, MSS has seamlessly established itself as a remote support industry leader across the United States.

Our Objective

Our objective is to resolve customer problems while at the same time empowering our clients. MSS takes pride in providing our customers with the knowledge to understand their vulnerabilities and the tools to become safe, savvy computer users.

In this electronic vastness called the "Internet" it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep hackers and viruses at bay. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to understand how we can protect ourselves from unsolicited intrusions and any possible illegal use of our computers.

It is Minuteman Support Services' belief that the only means for the Internet to become the safe, viable information gateway it was intended to be is through personal responsibility. We as computer users cannot control what hackers do with their time on the Internet but we can control our own vulnerabilities.

MSS' philosophy involves empowering the computing community to protect themselves. Certain measures may be intimidating to you but they are very simple to us. We can show you how to eliminate viruses, popup windows and general Internet nuisances.

Let us show you how to "take back your computing independence".

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