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Concierges, Increase Your Revenue Through Computer Support

Minuteman Support Services has identified the concierge industry as a niche market. Since partnering with the International Concierge Association, MSS has learned that computer support is not widely recognized as a marketable business service offered by the concierge industry, as opposed to an electrician, plumber or carpenter.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Computers have become such an intimate part of people's lives that they have become a necessary appliance rather than a luxury item.

The problem is that computer techncians are a dime a dozen. More often than not, people and small businesses just don't know who to trust or where to turn when it comes to computers. Here is an opportunity for concierge to increase their bottom line by partnering with a computer support company that can fill all of your clients needs from virus removal to home or business networking.

This is not a one time referral proposal. MSS is providing you an opportunity to generate ongoing revenue. Your MSS account can be set up to detail your account guidelines regarding commissions and any other specifics you want us to know about your client base. Every time a "Trouble Ticket" is created on your behalf, the technician attending to the call will refer to those guidelines prior to contacting your customer.

Minuteman Support Services' technicians utilize Remote Computer Support technology backed by nationwide onsite computer support to provide a complete computer support solution. Your customers never have to go anywhere, we go to them. Remote Computer Support means that MSS technicians can work on your client's computer regardless of where they are in the world, as long as there is a working Internet connection.

Simply have your client contact you whenever they need computer support. You use the online ticketing system to report the problem and provide your clients contact information. A MSS technician will take it from there. You make money every time we work on your clients' computers.

Whether you are interested in adding us to your service list or using us for your own small business needs ...seeing is believing. Call 866-239-1250 ext 2 to hear an audio explanation of what "Remote Computer Support" means. Then request a demo. All of your questions will be answered during the demonstration.

Minuteman Support Services is a proud partner with The International Concierge Association and Triangle Concierge.

What some of our concierge customers have to say about our service:

Jennifer of warpspeederrands.com from Gainesville, GA writes;

  "I wanted to share my experience of tech support with minutemansupport.com. It was fascinating to watch as my screen went thru the process of being controlled by someone else. At first to have someone else look at my computer remotely was a little intimidating, but after reading the site I felt better about letting someone work on my computer remotely. I've always been a little timid about letting someone look at my computer because I'm a geek that way, and my computer and I spend long hours together (lol)."
  "After reading the site, and speaking with the Technician over the phone, I was put at ease. It took about 45 minutes. Even with all the great tools I already had installed into my computer (such as AVG-antivirus, Ad-awareSE-antispyware, and SpyBot-antispyware) FOUR spyware and THREE Trojan programs were still found!"
  "As a testimonial of how this works, I feel confident to recommend Minutemansupport.com to my clients as either a referral or as a concierge service available to them."

Rose of AngelRunner, Inc. from Raleigh, NC writes;

  "I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Minuteman Support Services today.
  "I was receiving emails from my internet provider stating my email account was going to be cancelled because of the latest W32 virus. I routinely update my virus definitions, use Spybot and Zone Alarm and knew I did not have a virus on my machine. Minuteman told me that the emails I was receiving were a hoax and if you open the attachment, you get the virus. As a precautionary measure, the technician scanned my computer remotely (while I watched and drank my Pepsi) and then downloaded 2 new free tools for me that would further improve my online privacy—and showed me how to use the new tools!! I later confirmed with my ISP that, in fact, Minuteman was right. The emails were a hoax. This is a great service--being able to have someone fix a computer remotely!!"
  ""Thank you Minuteman!! I will be recommending you."

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Minuteman Support Services Remote Computer Support
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