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Some Customer Testimonials ...

Terry Wm. Kennedy the President and CEO of Alliance for Resource Management, Inc. writes;

  "I came to use Minuteman Support Services in a somewhat round about way. I was having problems with my home computer, it was running very slow and no matter what I tried to do to clean it out it didn't seem to help much. I had been hearing radio ads about a remote support company (not Minuteman) that would fix my computer over the Internet and do it for a very reasonable price."
  "I contacted this company only to find out that their idea of "reasonable" was substantially different from mine. As a result, I decided not to use them."
  "Shortly after this experience I heard about Minuteman Support Services and decided to give them a call. This time I was pleasantly surprised that the pricing was exactly how it was represented on their website. They not only fixed the problems in my computer but the technician took the time to explain what he was doing and what I could do to keep my computer in good working order. Minuteman provided excellent service at a reasonable price. What more could one ask for?"
  "I highly recommend choosing Minuteman Support Services for both your personal and business computer support needs."

Savas D., President of the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce, MA writes;

  "My daughter called me from college to tell me that her computer was infested with spyware and that it was barely working. I remembered hearing about Minuteman Support Services. When I called them I asked if they would work on my daughter’s computer in her dorm room remotely and bill me directly. They did just that. It is very comforting to know Minuteman Support Services is flexible enough to assist my daughter and bill me for the service."
  "Her computer is running great now, thank you Minuteman."

...and his daughter, away at Emerson College in Boston, MA wrote;

  "Minuteman Support Services connected to my computer over the Internet while I was in my dorm room. My computer was in really bad shape. I couldn’t believe it. It was like watching my computer fix itself. I really appreciated the fact that I could carry on with my classes as normal and didn’t have to worry about leaving a stranger in my dorm room."
  "My computer is running great and your service is fantastic. I love the convenience of being able to request computer support right from your website. I told all of my friends about Minuteman Support Services. Thank you very much."

Patrick H. from Hudson, NH writes;

"The Technician at Minuteman solved my "very slow computer dilemma". I gave him a tough problem and he provided solutions within minutes of my request. The problems were solved in no time at all. The Technicians at Minuteman are highly professional and cost conscious too. I will call them every time I get stuck."

Jennifer of warpspeederrands.com from Gainesville, GA writes;

  "I wanted to share my experience of tech support with minutemansupport.com. It was fascinating to watch as my screen went thru the process of being controlled by someone else. At first to have someone else look at my computer remotely was a little intimidating, but after reading the site I felt better about letting someone work on my computer remotely. I've always been a little timid about letting someone look at my computer because I'm a geek that way, and my computer and I spend long hours together (lol)."
  "After reading the site, and speaking with the Technician over the phone, I was put at ease. It took about 45 minutes. Even with all the great tools I already had installed into my computer (such as AVG-antivirus, Ad-awareSE-antispyware, and SpyBot-antispyware) FOUR spyware and THREE Trojan programs were still found!"
  "As a testimonial of how this works, I feel confident to recommend Minutemansupport.com to my clients as either a referral or as a concierge service available to them."

Karen H. from Medway, MA writes;

  "I contacted Minuteman Support Services back in mid-March because we were having alot of problems with our computer. I knew we had a virus along with other problems, and didn't have the time to take the computer somewhere to be repaired. I heard their commercial on 96.9 FM talk and contacted them thru their web site. The Technician uninstalled some of our "security" programs and installed some others. He "cleaned" our system up and since then our computer has been working great. I have been using the programs that he installed (anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc...) and things are going well."

Rose of AngelRunner, Inc. from Raleigh, NC writes;

  "I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Minuteman Support Services today.
  "I was receiving emails from my internet provider stating my email account was going to be cancelled because of the latest W32 virus. I routinely update my virus definitions, use Spybot and Zone Alarm and knew I did not have a virus on my machine. Minuteman told me that the emails I was receiving were a hoax and if you open the attachment, you get the virus. As a precautionary measure, the technician scanned my computer remotely (while I watched and drank my Pepsi) and then downloaded 2 new free tools for me that would further improve my online privacy—and showed me how to use the new tools!! I later confirmed with my ISP that, in fact, Minuteman was right. The emails were a hoax. This is a great service--being able to have someone fix a computer remotely!!"
  ""Thank you Minuteman!! I will be recommending you."

Paul M. from Dorchester, MA writes;

  "Thank you for all the help and support service you gave us. Our computer was loaded with pop-ups and ads. You guided us with patience and courtesy through the process of downloading everything we needed to secure our computer."
  "We have also received updates and helpful emails that are greatly appreciated. You provide a truly helpful service to the everyday computer user at wits end, and we will recommend your company to anyone and everyone we know having problems."

Minuteman Support Services Remote Computer Support
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