Minuteman Support Services Remote Computer Support

Creating a Member Account:

In order to receive remote computer support, it is necessary for you to have a Member Account. Creating a new Member Account does not create a request for remote computer support. It simply allows entry to the Member Account area which provides access to a variety of support documentation, hints, tips and links not available to unregistered visitors.

A Member Account may also be created automatically for you by filling out a Trouble Ticket. This not only creates a Member Account, but simultaneously submits a direct request for remote computer support to our Technicians.

The Remote Support Service Session:

First, sign-in at the Members Login area on our Home page using the information that was emailed to you when you originally signed up. The Members Login area looks like the image below. Type in your Username and Password, then press the button with the small red arrow on it.

Minuteman Support Sevices Members Account Login

If you have misplaced or forgotten your Members Login information, you may retrieve it HERE.

After logging in, you will arrive at the MSS Customer Center. You will see an area where you can choose support options, and links to informative articles and tutorials. you will also see a series of buttons. Your support Technician will direct you to click on a particular button to initiate the support session. A sample image of a Technician support button appears below.

Minuteman Support Sevices Sample Technician Button

Please, never click on a Technician button unless explicitly directed to do so.

By clicking on a Technician's button, you will see a small popup window similar to the one below, click the button labeled "Open" or in some cases, "Run" to start the download of our support file to your computer. If neither of these options is available, then select "Save", which saves the file to a specified location on your machine.

Minuteman Support Services Customer File

At this point, the Service, a 350kb executable file is downloaded onto your computer. If you have firewall software installed, you may be alerted to presence of this new service, and allow it to pass through your computer's firewall.

If this sounds confusing, don't worry, your MSS Remote Support Technician will be on the telephone with you during the installation process to direct you step-by-step.

You will see a window appear, prompting you whether you want to "Share Your Screen With This Support Technician?". Click on the button labelled, "Yes, Grant Full Control".

Minuteman Support Services Customer Slpash Screen

Then, just sit back and remove your hands from your mouse and keyboard. No further interaction is required by you. It's that simple.

You will also notice the appearance of a new icon in the system tray on your desktop. MSS Session Taskbar Icon

MSS Session Taskbar

This icon, installed by the Service will be used later in the procedure. And, you may observe that your desktop's background has disappeared. This is temporary, it will return to normal when the Technician uninstalls the Service at the end of the session.

Now, the Technician can begin the Service session. You will see your cursor move around the screen, and watch windows open and close as the Technician effects the necessary repairs.

After the Technician completes the repairs, the remote session is closed by uninstalling the Service. The Technician accomplishes this by 'right-clicking' the session icon in the taskbar, and selecting "Uninstall" from the pop-up menu. You may also terminate the session at any time by performing the same procedure. After which, you will see the window below, which indicates that the Service has been completely removed from your computer.

MSS Remote Service Uninstalled

'Click' on the "OK" button to close the window, and return to your normal desktop.

How it Works

Minuteman Support Services' remote Service can take over and control virtually any Windows-based PC or laptop quickly, safely and easily with minimal effort from the user requiring support. Our remote computer support Service loads through a one-step process that can only be initiated by the user who needs help. If the user does not activate the process we cannot connect to your PC or laptop at all. At the completion of every session our Support Technicians will uninstall the Service right in front of you, effectively ending the control session and eliminating any means for us to further control your PC or laptop. You, the customer have the same ability. You can end a support session at any time by uninstalling the service, thereby disconnecting the Technician.

Fast & Secure

Our Service is a 350kb file that installs simply, even over a 56kb connection. Our Service is firewall, NAT and router friendly and requires no further configuration on the client's side. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, we can safely and securely connect to your PC or laptop no matter where you are in the world!

Incorporated in our Service is an online chat function. This feature provides an avenue of communication between Technician and customer. This ability allows for real-time communication between Technician and customer even in the case of a single telephone line on a dial-up connection.

The Service has an auto-reconnect feature. If for any reason the connection is broken during a remote support session, the Service automatically continues when the connection is restored. And, because our Service loads as a Windows Service, we have the luxury of rebooting your PC or laptop and automatically reconnecting when the operating system fully loads. Further, because the Service loads as a Windows Service, we can support your PC or laptop in Safe Mode. No other ASP based remote Service can compete with our technology.

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